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Sancti Petri Castle.

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Island and Sancti Petri Castle:

The isle of Sancti Petri Located 2.5 miles off the coast of Chiclana, stands on a rock formation stretching to the north and is accessible by sea, always with boats, kayak also you can go walking-swimming the days of low tide, but we recommend not enter without prior information as it is a dangerous area.

The isle of Sancti Petri was founded by the Greeks in order to worship “Melkart” primitive figuration of Hercules and was used as a human settlement and religious place.Castillo Sancti PetriThis island was used as a quarry for the extraction of “ostionera” stone in the reign of Fernando VI and Carlos III; This stone was used mainly for the construction of defensive strengths as well as to build the main official buildings of the area.

The castle of Sancti Petri was built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, this castle was a part with a series of batteries of the defense system to fend off attacks of pirates, Barbary and incursions of English ships.Castillo playa

In 2010 the castle of Sancti Petri was completely restorated, recovering its original appearance; Tourists and local people can enjoy this emblematic spot especially indicated for cultural, ecological and sports activities such as sunsets, astronomy workshops, photography workshops, concerts, exhibitions, historical recreations, etc.


Many local companies allow to know the area through guided tours; One point of departure is the marina of Sancti Petri in Chiclana, where you can enjoy a wonderful day.

It is a perfect place to spend the day with family or friends.

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