Adult Only Hotels: 5 things you would love about them

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You have probably heard a friend or family member, talking about how great would be to stay on an Adult Only Hotel, to disconnect from your daily rutine or perhaps you might have listened from a colleague at work, that these properties are only for people who don’t like children, that they are some kind of ghetto and warned you not to book it.  The things is, that you will find everyone has something to say about them, and yet, have you ever asked yourself what make Adults Only hotels so special?  

The answer that I liked the most is this one: “Adults Only Hotels: are the perfect place to find yourself”, being this,  one of the most important goals of todays travellers. Because no matter how much parents adore their children and enjoy speding time with them, everyone once in a lifetime needs a break and time to reset body and mind. Time to remember who you are with no kids around and how you would like to spend your day off.

Do you remember that time, bedore you became a parent, what things did you enjoy doing ? Easy and simple, just close your eyes and go back in time, think about those 5 things that used to make you happy, to feel whole, to confort you and that’s the key, that’s pricesely the reason why the business of “Adult Only Hotels” has became so popular and sucessful in the past few years. Although “Adults Only Hotels” were born in the Caribbean as a result of the increase demand of honeymoon couples, in Europe landed only 10 years ago, and there is one chain it worths a mention for: Valentin Hotels. They have mostly expanded the formula “Adult Only” on resorts and key travel destinations, where they manage several hotels under the “Adults Only” flag , also they own some properties family-orientated like club hotels.

If you are planning to book an Adult Only hotel, on the next days, ask yourself if you miss one or two of these things:

1. Talk quietly with your partner and friends, no interruption around

2. Take care of yourself practicing one of your favorite sports.

3. Get up without haste and in the afternoon take a nap by the pool without being awoken by the typical dips of the little ones.

4. Read all the books you have pending in a quiet environment.

5. Taste an exquisite gastronomy and forget for a few days the pizzas, the macaroni and the sausages.

If you share the illusion of recovering those healthy and wise habits, save yourself a few days next spring and give yourself a getaway with your partner or friends to a complex for adults only. Both you and yourself will appreciate it. Happy stay in an Adults Only Hotel!



adults only

adults only

adults only



Valentin Hotel Goup has 1 adult only establishment in Mexico Valentin Imperial Rivera Maya, Riviera Maya (+ 18 years old); 1 in Cuba Valentin Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa María (+ 18 years) and 3 in Spain Valentin Reina Paguera Mallorca (+ 18 years) , Valentin Paguera Hotel & Suites Mallorca (+16 years ) and Valentin Star Menorca (+18 years). For more information and reservations:


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