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Adults only hotels: Something you can’t miss out.

Stressed parents?? Do you need an adults only hotel?? Most likely you will feel identified with our post.

The day to day of the 21ST Century families is led by an authentic marathon full of races to get to school on time; of excursions to take the children to their different weekly activities; of struggles so that they fulfill their responsabilities and do their homework and, on the weekend, of commitments related to their wide social life, among which there are no missing birthdays, parties, competitions and many other appointments.


That is why there are parents who, when their holidays come and although they adore their children, reserve a few days to enjoy, alone, some days off. And nothing better than doing it in an adults only hotel, in which the quietness, the absence of small children running around and making a fuss, will contribute to achieving the long-awaited feeling of peace and relaxation.


The plan will be the most peaceful: walks along the beach; reading on the edge of the pool; naps under umbrellas; some sports and lunches among adults, tasting other gastronomic specialties than those you usually eat with children. Things that seem anodyne but never tend to have a place in the agendas of parents, so taking them back tastes like glory.


As days go by you will notice that your mind calms down, your face softens the usual dark circles and you will notice that you barely look at the clock. Then it will be time to plan the return to meet with the youngest of home, full of energy after having enjoyed an unforgettable stay in an adults only hotel and far from feeling bad about traveling without your children. Think about how well they will be pampered by their grandparents, uncles or friends.



If you are looking for inspiration we recommend two destinations that are a reference of the “slow life”: Mallorca and Menorca, two islands that will allow you to reencounter with your most authentic self and reset, in order to eliminate stress and recover the enthusiasm. The beauty of its landscapes, the captivating force of the Mediterranean, and the cultural and gastronomic richness of both enclaves will help you to remove tiredness at a single stroke.

Valentin Hotel Goup has 2 adults only establishments in Mallorca  (Valentin Reina Paguera + 18 años y Valentin Paguera Hotel & Suite +16 años) and 1 en Menorca (Valentin Star +18 años). It also has 1 in Mexico (Valentin Imperial Rivera Maya, Riviera Maya + 18 años) and 1 in Cuba (Valentin Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa María + 18 años). For more information and reservations: .

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