If this holidays you want to relax, choose a family hotel

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Family Hotels: the holidays you need

Holidays in the 21st century are far from those of yesteryear. One of the big differences is that many hotels have opted for differentiation. Thus, there are some hotel chains that count in the same destination with establishments only for adults and others intended for families. And it is that depending on the type of trip, you can opt for one or another kind of hotel. If this is your case and this holidays you want to get away with your family, take note of some of the advantages you will find in family hotels:


1. Absolute relax

One of the main characteristics of family hotels is that they have entertainment clubs, where your children can have fun while adults dedicate themselves to the dolce far niente, or, which is the same: lie calmly on the edge of the pool to read that book that you never get to finish; or practice that sport that you love but for which you never have time.


hoteles para niños


 2. Quiet meals

Many of the family hotels have menus or buffets for children, where there are many specialties that children like, such as pasta, hamburgers, pizzas and, of course, ice creams. Thanks to it you will avoid, at least during the holidays, the typical complaints of the youngest when having to taste foods destined to adults.


hoteles para niños


        3. Goodbye to long faces

Time can be an ally, but also a great disadvantage if children are unemployed. This lack of activity induces boredom, and this to bad faces. But if you book a good family hotel you will see how your children don’t stop participating in events and your face will be the reflection of a happy and entertaining soul.


hoteles para niños

4. Active Holidays

If during the year the lessons have not allowed them to do sports, take advantage in your holidays so that your children enjoy an active holiday. Many family hotels offer very diverse sports programs with many different activities. From surf lessons in places like Cádiz to horseback riding in Menorca or cycling in Mallorca. They will have a great time and they will also be much healthier.


hoteles para niños

5. Unforgettable memories:

Summer Holidays are an important time of children’s life and, in many cases, frienships built in that time endure forever. If you want your children to socialize, staying in a family hotel can be a good alternative for it. But watch out, It’s possible that they want to repeat the following year. And is that nowadays, children have become the main prescribers of holidays, and the choice of the destination depends to a large extent on them.




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