Sport Hotel, a rising trend

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Sport Hotel, a rising trend

The Sport Hotels are the latest trend in the hotel segment, all of them are oriented towards sport. For many people, doing sports has become a habit and they do not want to miss out on their holiday. It’s part of their daily lives and free time, so many guests are looking for their destination in terms of what they can do to enjoy their favorite leisure activities. This interest in healthy lifestyle and the corresponding short trips has driven the rise of sports hotels. Hotels designed to give guests the opportunity to train as an amateur or even a professional.

Sport hotels

Some Hotels due to their location right next to sports facilities, such as golf courses or interesting routes for cyclists and others themselves directly provide the sports facilities, e.g. modern gyms, semi-olympic swimming pools, football, basketball courts or tennis, diving clubs and water sports among others.

Have you ever looked for a hotel considering these factors? In affirmative cases I’m sure you have also looked if you have spacious rooms and areas to place sports equipment; If there are some specialized bicycle center and if the hotel has a wide range of entertainment for the whole family, so that meanwhile you’re doing or practicing your favorite sport, your family can have fun at the Hotel.

Mallorca is one of the holiday destinations with the most sports hotels. The privileged climate and diverse nature are one of the reasons why Mallorca is so popular among European athletes to train in winter. Also there are many competitions, especially “running” such as marathons, triathlons and mountain running which can be found in the Balearic calendar from February to November.

A sport event that attracts more and more athletes year after year is the Triathlon Sprint of Playa de Muro, which usually takes place in October. The splendid environment in which it takes place, a combination of the most beautiful beaches and the beautiful landscape in the nearby nature park S’Albufera, ensures that many people participate and enjoy a wonderful short trip.

Valentin Hotel Group offers a hotel in the Playa de Muro (Valentin Playa de Muro), which offers excellent facilities for athletes. Apart from the spacious bungalows and the privileged location only 250 meters from the beach, the hotel offers a sports field, a cycling center and a semi-olympic swimming pool. For more information and reservations:

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