Live the magical night of San Juan in Mallorca and Menorca

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san-juan2017San Juan Night



The origin of the festivity of San Juan dates from the 5.000 B.C. and its roots are difficult to determine. It is said that the Sun was in love with the Earth and it resisted to abandon it. That is why the celebration was born on the last night of spring, which coincides with the summer solstice and which is the shortest of the year.


The tradition was to light bonfires to purify the Sun and give it strength since from that day, the days would be getting shorter and shorter. In that way, according to superstition, fire helped to drive away evil spirits and attract good ones, and also to attract love and fertility.

The Night of San Juan is celebrated also after the arrival of Christianity, as a commemoration of John Baptist’s Birth that coincides with the summer solstice.





The night or Nit de Sant Joan is celebrated today in many places of the Mediterranean, as in most of the towns of the Balearic Islands. In all celebrations there are usually bonfires, to represent the beginning of a new cycle. In Mallorca, stand out the festivities of enclaves such as Calvià, Deià, Sant Joan and Palma.

Beaches of Mallorca are filled with people who come to dine in the moonlight, enjoy the traditions or even take a bath when midnight arrives.






Every year several tourists from all over Europe come to visit the island and enjoy the festivities of San Juan in Ciutadella de Menorca. This festivities last one week and end on June 24, the day of San Juan, and the most important days are the 23rd and the 24th. The different parades on horseback are a highlight these days, where the riders show their skills on precious Minorcan horses.

San Juan Menorca


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