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Enjoy your stay at Valentin Hotels in a peaceful and safe way.
During these times, our highest priority is your safety as well as the safety of our employees and collaborators. This is why we have adapted all our hygiene processes and safety protocols following the latest recommendations indicated by experts and institutions in the field of safety against viral diseases. Read full article

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We are living in times that we could not imagine. A virus that has turned everything upside down and has brought difficult situations with it.

We can only thank the extraordinary work being carried out by all health professionals, who fight against this virus every day. Also to the rest of workers from other sectors who continue working to guarantee essential services. Read full article

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¡The sun always shines after the storm! When the time comes, we want to be with you again.
At Valentin Hotels & Resorts we are working from home to be prepared and come back with great enthusiasm and hope to share moments and stories together again. The sun, the sea and Valentin Hotels & Read full article

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Golf in Cádiz: Hotel & Golf & Spa package

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Golf in Cádiz: Hotel & Golf & Spa package

We are pleased to inform you that our Hotel Valentin Sancti Petri, together with the Sancti Petri Hills Golf Course, has created a package for Hotel & Golf & Spa!

Enjoy our facilities located on the beach, combining the hotel stay with the practice of your favourite sport! Read full article

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Paguera: The best activities to enjoy Majorca

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Paguera, a small town on the island of Majorca belonging to the municipality of Calvià, has a lot to offer. If you are considering visiting it, we tell you why in Paguera your trip will be full of unforgettable experiences.

Valentin Hotels & Resorts - Paguera



Hiking routes

Hiking is one of the favorite activities of tourists who come to Paguera. Read full article

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Live the magical night of San Juan in Mallorca and Menorca

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san-juan2017San Juan Night



The origin of the festivity of San Juan dates from the 5.000 B.C. and its roots are difficult to determine. It is said that the Sun was in love with the Earth and it resisted to abandon it. Read full article

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If this holidays you want to relax, choose a family hotel

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Family Hotels: the holidays you need
Holidays in the 21st century are far from those of yesteryear. One of the big differences is that many hotels have opted for differentiation. Thus, there are some hotel chains that count in the same destination with establishments only for adults and others intended for families. And it is that depending on the type of trip, Read full article

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Adults only hotels: Something you can’t miss out.
Stressed parents?? Do you need an adults only hotel?? Most likely you will feel identified with our post.

The day to day of the 21ST Century families is led by an authentic marathon full of races to get to school on time; of excursions to take the children to their different weekly activities; Read full article

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Sport Hotel, a rising trend

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Sport Hotel, a rising trend
The Sport Hotels are the latest trend in the hotel segment, all of them are oriented towards sport. For many people, doing sports has become a habit and they do not want to miss out on their holiday. It’s part of their daily lives and free time, so many guests are looking for their destination in terms of what they can do to enjoy their favorite leisure activities. Read full article

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Adult Only Hotels: 5 things you would love about them

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adults only


You have probably heard a friend or family member, talking about how great would be to stay on an Adult Only Hotel, to disconnect from your daily rutine or perhaps you might have listened from a colleague at work, that these properties are only for people who don’t like children, that they are some kind of ghetto and warned you not to book it.  Read full article

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