Travelling to Majorca with children….all you need to know and more

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Viajar a Mallorca con niños














Travelling to Majorca with children

Let’s pick a spot for our next family holidays, where would you like to go?….Asked the father, during a lovely family dinner to the children. This is a common family scene when it comes to choose a holiday destination to travel with young children. We all know how important it’s for parents to find a destination where all family members can enjoy but mostly children….Well, travelling to Majorca with children, is the perfect choice to enjoy a nice family vacation and offers a unique variety of entertaiment.


 Lets take a sneak pick


1-Palma Aquarium

What kid doesn’t like visiting the Aquarium?

And Palma’s is the perfect bet to spend the day with family. They offer lots of activities, such us:

  • Palma Aquarium Pets welcoming visitors to the park
  • Dances and Games located in the gardens
  • Balloon War at Pirata’s Ship
  • Face Painting
  • The jaguar-man and the adventurer in the jungle

Besides they organize workshop and special entertaiment activities during holiday and weekends.



Viajar a Mallorca con niños















2-Jungle Parc Junior

Jungle Parc Junior is a tree adventure park exclusively for children from 4 to 11 years old. An area designed and intended for Little adventurer.

It offers 3 different courses:

Piratas: is designed with a continuous belay system for Little adventurer only, from 4 up to 12 years old. A total of 50 platforms divided into 7 different circuits with more and less difficulties and heights

Explorador: for adults and children above 1.35 meters, a total of 42 platforms with 2 different levels into the same course , achievable in one set! About 1 hour without touching the ground!

Extremo: a much more sporty and difficult course for adults and children above 12 years old  and 1.50 meters. 37 challenging exercises achievable in one set! About 1 hour sporty tree adventure without touching the ground!

Unlike any other Park in Majorca, Jungle Parc offers the longest courses achievable in one set! A challenging and fun tree top adventure that will push your limits and create unforgettable holiday memories…



Viajar a Mallorca con niños 













Shows with dolphins, sea lions, colourful birds, and the most curious fish… all of them and many more are the star attraction of Marineland Majorca, and the park offers a wide range of food so that everything will be perfect.

The park has restaurants that provide visitors with the possibility of enjoying the highest-quality products while relaxing on a terrace looking over the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, no one can leave the park without a souvenir of an unique experience so Marineland offers hundreds of fun souvenirs; besides the possibility of having a photo taken with one of the park animals. Not to mention that it has a direct access to a quiet beach on Costa de Calviá. So families can enjoy from a swim on cristal clear waters, at the end of the day.





Viajar a Malllorca con niños















4-Ferrocarril de Soller

Is one of the most popular and visited tourist attraction of Majorca and the reason is because it is the perfect plan to spend a family day besides it is fun!!

At the beginning of the 20th century the town of Sóller, needed to put an end to the virtual isolation that was hampering its development: the Alfàbia mountain range, prevented passengers and goods being transported to and from the port of Palma and the rest of the island, which was already strengthened by the structure of the growing Mallorcan railway network.

The railway is characterized, amongst other things, by the fact that it is narrow gauge, the track width being 914 mm (an English yard), which is infrequent nowadays; moreover its rolling stock is extremely varied and meticulously finished, and maintained using traditional methods.

The Sóller railway also stands out for the special, attractive route it runs along, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range which is 2.8 km wide and 496 metres high. To do so, in just seven kilometres, the railway rises up 199 metres with an inclination of 23 millimetres, runs through thirteen longitudinal tunnels ranging in length from 33 to 2,876 metres, crosses over several bridges, the “cinc-ponts” viaduct which has five arches with spans 8 metres high and a great many bends, some with radii below 190 metres.

El Tranvía

The construction of the Sóller tram began after the inauguration of the Palma to Sóller railway line.

Although the Sóller tram was designed for the transport of passengers, it was also used to transport merchandise down to the port. The three motor trams, numbered 1 to 3, and their trailers 5 and 6 are the originals, dating from 1912, ordered from Carde & Escoriaza in Zaragoza. The open ‘jardinera’ trailers were acquired from Palma trams in 1954.

The Sóller tramway also has five motor trams from Lisbon, numbered 20 to 24 and re-gauged to fit the 914 mm track gauge.





Viajar a Mallorca con niños













5-Parque Natural de S’Albufera

The govermment declare in 1988 S’Albufera a Natural Park, building the first protected natural area of Balearic Islands. Is the largest and more important reserve.

We are talking about an old lagoon separarted from the sea by a natural line of Dunes which has been filling up with sediments until it has become into a large floodplain. The Natural Park covers an area of 1.687, 65 Ha, mostly of swampland (wetland) but also Dunes.

The Ecological wealthy of S’Albufera is based on the water, the proximity to the sea and the land. The diverse species of plants bring shelter and food to a hugh number of animals that,are part of the food chain of other species. Thank to a rich water supply source, the diversity of living organisms is high, being S’Albufera the biggest ecosystem with biodiversity within the Balearic Island.


Viajar a Mallorca con niños














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