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Valentin Cares
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Valentin Cares

At Valentin Hotels & Resorts we have been committed for more than 50 years to our customers, employees and collaborators in building a fair, sustainable business that supports the communities where we operate. Respect for the environment, the safety and well-being of our guests, and a commitment to the development of those who are part of the Valentin team and their families, are our top priority.


These last few months have been difficult, forcing us to cancel plans, postpone meetings, take care of each other, stay at home and wait until we could meet again. That day has arrived.


During this time, at Valentín Hotels & Resorts we have continued working to prepare for the moment when we’re finally able to reunite.

Realizing the importance of offering our customers a safe and reliable environment, we have improved all our hygiene procedures following recommendations from the national and international health authorities in relation to viral-infectious diseases.


We have also been advised by companies specialized in health and safety within the tourism industry to develop an action plan that includes the application of specific protocols for each of the areas and services at our hotels, which guarantees maximum safety for our guests during their stay. The result is a comprehensive plan that reinforces and implements all necessary measures for the protection of our customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Once again, the time has come to travel and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Here at Valentin Hotels & Resorts we are ready to welcome you. So what are you waiting for?

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Our hotels operate in accordance with a clear commitment to the environment and our communities. We reduce our environmental footprint both in the rooms and in the rest of the hotel's operations.


A few ways we are helping the planet include rigorous recycling and composting plans, replacing lighting elements with more efficient ones, using non-toxic biodegradable products for cleaning the hotel and maintaining our green areas, reducing single-use consumables (plastic cups, personal hygiene

products), protecting turtle nests on our beaches, and much more.


Through these efforts, we have received several independent certifications such as TravelLife, Earth Check, Distintivo H, Safe Travels, Holiday Check, Sunny Heart, QA, and others.


Valentin Hotels is committed to respecting the local community, preserving cultural wealth and local customs, and ensuring the sourcing of local products. This commitment is implemented through the following actions:


Ensuring that the local community has access to essential services, facilities and resources, and that traditional access rights are preserved.


Ensuring that local people are not discriminated against, safeguarding their culture and traditions, and respecting their intellectual property rights.


Consulting with local communities on issues that may affect their lives, ensuring that their views are considered in our corporate decision-making. Ensuring that no historical or archaeological products are sold by the property, or products that harm the local fauna and flora.


Actively purchasing goods and acquiring services from local suppliers. Encouraging the client to visit local places of interest, such as restaurants, markets, and experiencing the local culture, traditional food, and history.


Actively collaborating with any local private or public initiative related to local culture and traditions.