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Celebrate International Wine Day at Valentin Hotels: A Unique Experience in Mallorca, Menorca and Cadiz

Celebrate International Wine Day at Valentin Hotels: A Unique Experience in Mallorca, Menorca and Cadiz

International Wine Day, celebrated on 25 May, was created in the United States but has gained popularity around the world, including in Spain, a country with a rich wine tradition dating back to Roman times. The regions of Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Jerez are known for their distinctive wines and their influence on wine culture.

Wineries to Visit
Spain is home to many iconic and charming wineries. Here are some recommended ones to visit:

In Mallorca:
Bodega Sa Cabana: With tastings, tours, and an on-site restaurant.
Bodega Ribas: Mallorca's oldest winery, known for its artisanal production.
Bodegas Macià Batle: Famous for its red and white wines.

In Menorca:
Bodega Sa Cabaneta: With a cozy atmosphere and high-quality wines.
Binifadet: With vineyard tours and wine tastings with food and wine pairing.
Bodegas Torralbenc: With a combination of tradition and modernity.

In Jerez, the birthplace of Sherry wine:
González Byass: With guided tours, tastings, and exhibitions on the production process of Sherry or Sherry wine.
Osborne: With guided tours that include tastings and exhibitions.
Tío Pepe: With underground cellars and a wide range of Sherry wines.

If you visit a winery during International Wine Day, you can find special promotions and discounts on wine. It's a perfect opportunity to taste and take home some bottles to enjoy later.

How to Choose a Wine?

When choosing a wine, consider your personal preferences and food pairing. For beginners, soft and fruity wines, such as some whites, are an ideal choice. If you prefer something more intense, Sherry or Sherry wine is an excellent choice for its complexity and variety of flavors.

At Valentin Hotels, our experts will help you find the perfect wine for your taste and experience. If you're interested in local wine, in Mallorca, Giro Ros wine, made from local grapes, is an excellent choice to enjoy with local dishes.

The International Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and explore the world of wine in Spain. Whether you're having a glass or staying with us in one of our Valentin Hotels, you'll have unforgettable experiences. Enjoy wine, food, and traditions with us!
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