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The Valentin Star Hotel is located in Ciutadella (Ciudadela), once the capital of Menorca, and the second largest city on the island with 27,000 inhabitants. It’s a medieval city with a marked stately air where the Mediterranean essence is distilled. Take the opportunity to stroll through the narrow and twisting streets in its historic center, walking from the port to the castle, and stop for a soft drink in the shade of one of its beautiful squares. Dinner at one of the restaurants in the port will be the best souvenir of your vacation.



Valentin Son Bou
Located in the south of the island, the Valentin Son Bou is the ideal hotel to enjoy Menorca as a family or as a couple. Lose yourself in the narrow streets of Mahon or explore its heavenly natural coves with white sand and turquoise sea.
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Valentin Star Menorca
Located in the emblematic port of Cala'n Bosch, the Valentin Star Menorca is located between the beaches of Cala'n Bosch and Son Xoriguer, where you’ll enjoy an excellent location and beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are two of the most popular coves in Menorca, with a dreamlike landscape with turquoise waters, white sand and protected by cliffs and pine trees up to the sand of the beach itself. Cala Macarella has a wide sandy beach protected by limestone cliffs full of small caves. The only beach bar you’ll find in Macarella is the Bar Restaurant Susy, located in the shade of the pine trees on the beach.

Menorca Cathedral

Menorca Cathedral, originally built in Gothic style between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries on an earlier mosque, this unusual building has suffered repeated looting and reconstruction, which has changed its appearance over the years. After the assault of the Turks in 1558, it was partially rebuilt in neoclassical style during the occupation by the English in 1813. But a complete restoration in 1986 gave it back a form which accentuates its space and light, thanks to its large stained glass windows in Catalan Gothic style. The original mosque emerges in the belfry tower which was the old minaret of the Muslim medina.

Castillo de San Nicolás

Castillo de San Nicolás, built in the late eighteenth century to defend the port from pirates and guard the entrance to the port of Ciutadella, from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the city and its coast. It’s an octagonal stone building with an excavated moat 8 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Its name comes from a small hermitage which occupied its place.

Cala n’Bosch

Right next to the hotel (a 6-minute walk away), Cala n'Bosch is a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters, totally recommendable. It’s a sheltered U-shaped cove, and enjoys a slight slope and a gentle breeze which makes it highly recommended for families. There’s parking in front of the beach and all the facilities such as beach bars, lookout and showers.

Plaza del Borne

Plaza del Borne, famous for an obelisk commemorating the victory over the Turks in 1558, is the perfect stop to sit down for an aperitif on the way to St. Nicholas Castle. Here we also find the Town Hall, an old royal fortress, built on an ancient Muslim castle, of which some elements can still be seen. On one side we’ll see the Born Theater, built in 1875 on a seventeenth-century English barracks, and two palaces: the Torre-Saura Palace, and the Salort Palace, as well as the Church of Sant Francesc.

Port of Ciutadella (Citadel)

Finally the Port of Ciutadella is one of the most emblematic in Menorca. A few steps from the Plaza Es Born, we’ll arrive at this emblematic place entering by Un Marina road. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean, in summer it enjoys a spectacular atmosphere, with its terraces and host of restaurants full of visitors. Enjoy the multicolored scenery of the handicraft market, the traditional fishing boats docked at Ribera Norte and the luxurious yachts.