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Immerse yourself in the magic of the Sant Joan Festival in Menorca
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Immerse yourself in the magic of the Sant Joan Festival in Menorca

The Feast of Sant Joan in Menorca is one of the most emblematic celebrations of the Balearic island. This festivity, which combines religious and cultural elements, attracts locals and tourists alike. The ritual of this festivity dates back to the 14th century when the Obreria of the saint undertook a pilgrimage on horseback to a small rural hermitage to pay homage to their patron saint.


The festival begins on the Sunday before June 24, when a peasant dressed in sheepskins walks barefoot through the streets of Ciutadella, inviting everyone to join in the celebration. This character, known as "els cavallers" or "els caixers", becomes a living symbol of the tradition and joy that characterize the Festival of Sant Joan.

On the 23rd, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a key moment of the celebration takes place in the Palace of the "Caixer Senyor". It is in this place where the "flabiol", a flute made of cane that permanently accompanies the festivity, is played for the first time. This instrument marks the beginning of the festivities and sounds at different times during the days of the festival, creating a special and festive atmosphere.

The "jaleo" is one of the most awaited moments of the Festival of Sant Joan. In this part of the celebration, the horses and their riders demonstrate their equestrian skills and dexterity in the streets of Ciutadella. To the sound of the "jaleo", typical music of the festival typical of the festival played by drums and clarinets, the horses dance and gallop while the riders guide them with mastery. It is an impressive spectacle that attracts the attention and applause of the spectators.

On June 24, the festivity reaches its climax with the equestrian games. These tests of skill and dexterity take place on a circuit specially prepared for the occasion. Riders compete in races and perform impressive maneuvers with their horses, demonstrating their bravery and dexterity. The equestrian games are a deep-rooted tradition that reflects Menorca's passion for horses and their importance in the local culture.

The Feast of Sant Joan is also associated with the celebration of the Night of San Juan, a festivity that dates back to ancient times and is celebrated in almost every culture in the world. The night of June 24, which coincides with the summer solstice, is the shortest night of the year. It is believed that, on this magical night, evil spirits can be chased away and good spirits can be attracted, as well as love and fertility spells can be performed. It is traditional to light bonfires, jump over them and enjoy a festive evening full of joy and good energy.

During the Feast of Sant Joan, the riders and their horses are the undisputed protagonists of the celebration. The horses are carefully prepared for the occasion, with their manes braided and their saddles adorned with ribbons and flowers. The riders, for their part, dress in traditional costumes and wear wide-brimmed hats that give them an elegant and distinctive look.

In addition to the games and equestrian events, the Sant Joan Festival in Menorca offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Visitors can participate in costume contests, where originality and creativity are rewarded. There are also craft fairs where local products and souvenirs of the island can be purchased.

Gastronomy also occupies a prominent place during the celebration. The food and drink stands offer a wide selection of typical Menorcan dishes, such as lobster stew, sausages and artisan cheeses. But without a doubt, the star drink of the party is the famous Pomada, a refreshing mix of gin and lemonade that becomes the perfect companion to enjoy the party under the Mediterranean sun.

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